Fall Protection Equipment Inspection and Maintenance

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

Precaution is always better than cure therefore one must never ignore taking protection measures especially when working on heights. Because gravity kills. Therefore a complete fall protection system is readily available in markets. It typically consists of a body wear, connecting devices and anchorage connectors but also includes some other components too. A brief detail is as under;

1. Fall Protection Products:

a. Body wear: It is a personal fall arrest system tool. It is a full body harness. However the use of body belts are no longer recommended as it can concentrate full body weight on the abdomen during the fall.

b. Connecting Devices: They include shock absorbing lanyards, rope grabs and lifelines, tie back connections, fall limiters and positioning and restraint lanyards.

c. Anchorage Connectors: These are also known as tie off point. They usually include I-beams, rebars, columns or other structural components.

d. Welding Helmets: Whether you are welding or not, you must always wear helmets. Miller’s Welding Helmets are the best option in the market.

e. Climbing and Fall Protection Systems: Along with personal fall arrest system, a complete climbing and fall protection system is a must. It includes stop fall restraint devices, ladder climbing safety systems and foldable ladder systems.

f. Confined Space Systems: They usually come in portable designs. It allows the user to use various fixed and portable bases with optional extensions.

g. Rescue/Descent Systems: It is a complete safety at height system. They are especially designed for self rescue at heights. They are easy to use and enhance safety levels.

h. Horizontal Life Line Systems: It is a horizontal cable system. It allows above the beam adjustments and also provides tensions indicators.

i. Welding Products: These are fall protection products that are especially designed to be used in welding environments. These are usually available in both lightweight and heavy duty harness models.

j. Arc-rated Products: These products are especially engineered to protect workers from falls caused as a result of an electric arc flash or arc blast exposures specifically when working on heights or in confined compartments.

k. Other Accessories: Many other accessories like mount brackets, equipment bags and relief step safety devices are also available in markets that amplify the fall protection systems.see post at http://thecourier.com/local-news/2016/05/01/weekend-take-time-to-perform-bicycle-safety-inspections/

2. Engineered Solutions: You can also design, engineer and install a customized fall protection systems. Or you can get it installed from qualified professionals.

Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

3. Training: Along with all the fall protection equipment, training in the field is a must. Because no fall protection equipment can protect you enough, no matter how strong it is, unless you know to use it properly.

4. Literature: There are a large number of catalogues and solution kits available in the market on the all kinds of fall protection systems. It is highly advisable to read literature rather than to jump in the field unprepared. Also read manuals of your fall protection systems carefully as it enables you to have a strong grip on your product.